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Choosing the Right QGIS Version: LTR vs Release

QGIS is a renowned open-source GIS (Geographic Information System) software known for its powerful features and active community. It offers two main versions for download, each catering to specific needs. While the QGIS website typically highlights the latest available version, selecting the appropriate version for your requirements is crucial for an optimal experience. Selecting the Suitable QGIS Version for […]

Icoon Residential Tower in Frankfurt-am-Main by Mecanoo Architecten

L’agence néerlandaise Mecanoo fondée par l’architecte Francine Houben vient de remporter la conception d’une tour mixte de 56 000 m2 à Francfort-sur-le-Main en Allemagne. Dénommé Icoon, cet ensemble immobilier de 140 mètres de haut entrera en chantier début 2022.

Dense and Individualized Urban Housing in Nantes by Boskop

Nantaise d’habitations, the project’s client, launched a competition in 2004 with the theme “Dense and Individualized Urban Housing.” The Lille-based agency Boskop, composed of five architects (Laurent Zimny, François Delhay, Sophie Delhay, Franck Ghesquière, and David Lecomte), won the competition. The project is indeed very interesting, as it was necessary to design an individual housing […]

Europan 2010 Competition: Winning Projects.

The Europan 11 competition was launched in January 2009 across 19 European countries, attracting 4,219 entries from 2,429 teams of participants under the age of 40. Participants were presented with a diverse range of sites, all centered around themes such as urban regeneration, sustainable development, citizen appropriation of the city, and the enhancement of natural […]